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Scholarship Page

Thank you to all of our 2019 applicants. The 2019 application window is now closed. We will announce the selection no later than May 15th. We hope to see you each at the 2019 Kayla O'Mara Memorial Race on August 3rd in Goodrich, MI

Kayla O’Mara was an All-State runner at Goodrich High School from 2003 until 2006. She was a dedicated student, teammate, and friend. The Kayla O’Mara Memorial Scholarship was established to honor Kayla’s life, her commitment to academic excellence, her passion for running, and her dedication to her teammates.  Kayla was a strong believer that high school students should not use drugs or alcohol.  This award is intended for students who refrained from using drugs or alcohol during high school. For any student who used drugs or alcohol during high school, in honor of Kayla, please do not apply.


• Be a graduating senior from any Michigan High School entering your first year at an accredited college or university

All applicants must:
• Complete the application on the following pages.
• Write a  letter explaining why you feel you are deserving of this award and the steps you have taken to achieve your full potential as a student, athlete, and/or teammate during high school.
• Provide a letter of recommendation from one of your high school teachers or coaches.
• Provide a copy of high school transcripts for at least your junior and first half of your senior year

Deadline for 2019 Scholarship Application is April 1, 2019. Recipients will be notified no later than May 15th. Winners will be recognized at the 2019 Kayla Race, on August 3rd in Goodrich.